18 August 2014

Iowa Open

Ok, so Rose lost every game.  But she had a great time in the Rated Beginner section.  Emperor played in the Reserve section.  We got to see plenty of players we don't normally run across.  Still sorting the laundry from our trip.  :)

14 August 2014

Why I'm Not Shopping at Lands' End

Ohh, I was a great customer.  You really can't beat Lands' End for nice, reasonably-priced, fashionable girls' clothes that don't make your kid out to look like a Hoochie Mama.  I bought tons of stuff there over the years for all my children and sometimes even for myself.

All that changed recently.

I've been too embarrassed to blog about it until now.  You see, as a special "gift" for spending over $100, Lands' End apparently signs you up for a magazine subscription unless you opt out.  I must not have seen the fine print and soon after my last order, I received a copy of Self Magazine.

It's a glossy magazine with health tips, anorexic models, cheesy star interviews, fashion reviews of crap you will never buy, and so on.  And.  This particular magazine?  Had a product review.

Of vibrators.  VIBRATORS!  I couldn't even bring myself to read the article that had fireworks and the word WOW in the title.  D had a field day with it - oh!  Are you reading your magazine right now?  I hear they have (loud voice) great product reviews inside! 

I called Self to cancel, and they said they would.  The magazines are still arriving months later.  I also called Lands' End to complain and got totally blown off, as if it is just my problem, guess you didn't look at the fine print, sucks to be you and have a nice day.  No real apology whatsoever.

So this article in today's Kansas City Star does not surprise me.  Now they're sending out soft porn to all the guys. 

08 August 2014

What Men Are Really Saying When They Catcall

06 August 2014

What I Really Need to Buy

Pink swimming goggles.  For dogs.  Recommended by vets.  I don't know why I need to buy this, but this is a screenshot of one of the "products I might like" on Amazon.  Also?  Apparently?  Underwear.  I need yellow granny pant underwear.  Yellow.

05 August 2014

Is it Bullying if it Doesn't Bother You?

In one of his classes,  Emperor had only a couple friends because "the rest of the people are jerks and say nasty things to me." After clarifying a bit, I told him he was being bullied and that when it happens again, he should tell a teacher.

"What?  I'm not being bullied.  I'm not going to let them bully me.  They're just jerks."

I talked with him (ok, lectured) about how he shouldn't have to deal with that sort of hostile environment and so on.  Emperor countered that he was there to learn about (subject) and he's just not going to let these other kids keep him from that.  So there is no bullying going on because he's refusing to be bullied. 

Here I had kept him away from physical education last year because his twisted legs would prevent him from running well.  I know he is going to be mocked.  Emperor has been insisting - for some time - that it is not his problem if other people don't like him.  He would like to take PE, please.

So I have signed him up for PE this year.  I do hate sending him where he's going to be teased, but Emperor genuinely wants to go.  Emperor thinks I do not understand.  He cannot be bullied, he says, if it doesn't bother him.

02 August 2014

Crazy Comment Monday!

Old Elf photo.
(Posted a little early.)

A recent letter to the Washington Post criticises the paper for its sympathy toward parents who locked their adult autistic children up in their homes.  They call it the "least bad" choice in some instances.

I don't know everything about autism, and I certainly can't judge every situation and know what options are available to every parent.  But here's the thing.  The letter-writer is calling for compassion for autistic people and noting that abusive practices are abusive practices.  Simple as.

Comments range from the likes of "ask Michelle for a hashtag" and "people like that shouldn't be around the normal people" and "there is a limit to what we should put up with."

If someone said this about black people or some other minority group?  The Post would have removed those comments immediately and banned the poster.  How interesting that the comments not only stay, but they seem to represent the prevailing sentiment.